Inhaus | Create More !

A membership program designed to share valued info to help our key accounts respond to market trends faster, more professionally, and more effectively. Only share to valued customers, hence please keep confidential of all our info and image.

What you can expect from our Insider Programme:

  • Design trends : Keeping abreast of global trends, from new environmentally friendly materials to interiors ideas, and lifestyle tips, Insider is here to inspire you to drive sales by staying on-trend.
  • Industry news: Gaining insight into the wider retail market trends, and market Info from Chinese industrial manufacturers, from industry trends and analysis to custom advisory, Insider can help you.
  • Product concepts: Original concept with fresh perspectives to spark outside-the-box thinking. Be the first to explore our pre-launch: new product concepts on the development stage (QA pending), and even some of them are competition entries. The comments from you might affect the final version of the new products. Welcome to express your opinions.

In addition to new products, continuous improvement and upgrade of existing products also will be released through INSIDER.